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Expert Insight​

SafeHandles Starter Pack Custodial Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

SafeHandles vs. The Competition

The engineers at SafeHandles are continually researching and creating products that passive, non-invasive, replaceable, and affordable handle covers that maintain cleanliness and durability. These custom-fit …

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SafeHandles Ster Roll Tape Clean Surface Antimicrobial Clean Facility

Understanding The Power of SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape

When you understand what sets SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape apart from other products that protect the surfaces in your facility you’ll see why it’s in high …

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SafeHandles - Health, Wellness, Hygiene

Why a Wellness Plan Is Important

Health and wellness programs along with strong hygiene protocols are often overlooked in the workplace. But, did you know that United States employers lose over …

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SafeHandles - Hotels Resorts Cruise Ships Hospitality

Hospitality is Giving Your Guests Peace of Mind

If you are in the hospitality industry you know your number one priority is taking care of your guests. You want them to have an …

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keeping office supplies clean from bacteria

Office Supplies Aren’t Immune From Bacteria

Office supplies are those essential items that help you and your team get the job done each day but they are often the most overlooked …

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SafeHandles - Door knobs, elevator buttons, kill bacteria, safe office

Don’t Skip Over the Doorknobs and Elevator Buttons

Did you know? Every time you touch a common touch-point such as a doorknob or elevator button, you’re picking up between 30% and 50% of …

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Safe Handles Ster Roll Adhesive Tape Heat Shrink Surfaces

How to Keep Any Size Office Safe and Clean

It should go without saying that a safe and clean office is more productive. It’s much happier and enjoyable for your team members AND your …

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SafeHandles - Clean Office, Productivity, Bottom Line

5 Ways A Clean Office Impacts Your Bottom Line

Does the thought of a clean office make it to the top of your list when it comes to being a more profitable and productive …

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Keeping Kids Safe at School

Making Schools Clean

Parents, students, and teachers shouldn’t be worried about the cleanliness of their schools. Here’s how we’re helping make schools clean and productive.

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Keeping Office Clean and Safe

Keeping Offices Clean

Creating a safe, clean and healthy office environment has never been more important. Your employees and customers deserve and expect it.

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