5 Ways A Clean Office Impacts Your Bottom Line

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Does the thought of a clean office make it to the top of your list when it comes to being a more profitable and productive company? Probably not.

Most likely, when you think about the profitability of your company you usually think of things like increasing sales, cutting expenses, payroll, and time management among other things.

But have you considered the impact the cleanliness of your office has on your bottom line?

What happens if your employees are concerned about coming to the office?
What happens if your customers are hesitant about coming to your office or store?

In today’s world, these things are top of mind and you need to be prepared to set team members and customers at ease.

ONE: A Clean Office Can Reduce Sick Days

When your office space is clean it increases productivity because fewer people are calling in sick. When your employees are healthy and feel safe coming into the office they will have one less thing to be concerned with and give you better work.

As you implement effective hygiene and cleaning protocols the chances of bacteria and viruses impacting the health of your team members are greatly reduced.

TWO: A Clean Office Can Reduce Stress

If your team is worried and anxious about the cleanliness of their work environment it will take a toll and cause unnecessary stress. Conscious or unconscious, they are thinking about how safe it is to come to work. Is that doorhandle covered in germs? Is the counter in the break room covered with bacteria? These are all very real concerns.

When you can give them peace of mind by letting them know their environment has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected you immediately increase productivity.

THREE: A Clean Office Can Reduce the Germs for the Win!

Put yourself in the shoes of the people who come to your office or store each day. When they look around what do they see? An unorganized and dirty area?

Let’s be honest, if it looks dirty and full of germs, none of us want to walk through the doors, do we?

It’s been said, “the devil is in the details”. Every part of your workspace matters.

As someone who is responsible for providing a clean space for team members and customers, you can help them feel great about working and doing business with you.

FOUR: A Clean Office Can Reduce Negative Morale

It’s hard enough to motivate team members when viruses and bacteria aren’t consuming their minds but when that’s all they see and hear on the news the challenge is magnified 100 times.

When you have a solid program in place for keeping your environment clean you have immediately reduced negative morale. And when people aren’t continually thinking about how they might get sick, they are focused on the job at hand.

FIVE: Reduce Dirty Spaces and Create a Clean Office

Imagine a space that is dusty, dirty, and has food crumbs everywhere. Trash cans are overflowing, the break area is littered with dirty dishes or food wrappers. If this is how these areas are treated think about how the other things that are touched and treated in your office; desks, keyboards, phones, and printers are probably meeting the same fate is the other areas and equipment in your office.

Now imagine a space where the carpets are clean, cobwebs aren’t hanging in the corners, all the lights are shining and every trash can is empty. Look at desks around the office – clean, neat, and organized. And the breakroom microwave doesn’t look like a science project exploded in it.

What’s the different between the two? The management and team members took responsibility. And because of this profitability increases.

SafeHandles can help you create the kind of environment that is clean, safe, and ultimately increases your bottom line.

Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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