Don’t Skip Over the Doorknobs and Elevator Buttons

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Did you know? Every time you touch a common touch-point such as a doorknob or elevator button, you’re picking up between 30% and 50% of the organisms on that surface. 🤢

Now think about how many times the doorknobs, elevator buttons, and or door handles in your office or retail store are touched. From the front door to the bathroom and every place in between, that’s a lot of germs being passed around. 

So, how do you keep doorknobs, elevator buttons, and all those surfaces clean and in the process communicate to your employees and customers your business is safe and clean?

Continue reading to learn about the best practices that professionals are using today.

How Often Should You Clean Hard Surfaces Like Doorknobs and Elevator Buttons? 

The CDC recommends that surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, desks, phones, light switches, and faucets, should be cleaned and disinfected at least daily. More frequent cleaning and disinfection may be required based on the level of use.

What Products Keep Hard Surfaces Clean? 

SafeHandles and PURE Products, together are what you need to address all your business hygiene-related. Each of these products combines both antimicrobial efficacy and passive continuous cleaning protection.

When you apply SafeHandles Adhesive Covers, the surface is immediately protected from harmful bacteria and clean to touch. 

Why SafeHandles Adhesive Covers? 

The SafeHandles™ ADA Door Handle Cover, Size 1, is available in clear and the silver protection maintains a clean tape for up to 6 months. The SafeHandles Heat Shrink Sleeves Size K, also fits on ADA handles.

  • Supplements existing hygiene procedures to ensure cleaner handles.
  • Easy to remove without leaving any residue
  • Installs in seconds.
  • Dry to the touch. No fumes. No odor.
  • Custom designs enable maximum coverage of the handle.
  • Engineered adhesives designed to stay on in the interior and exterior environments.
  • Embedded with a slow-release silver-based pesticide that is registered and approved by the EPA to inhibit the growth of certain microbes that may affect this product.

SafeHandles Elevator Button Covers

Just like the handle covers our elevator button covers are embedded with the same slow-release silver-based pesticide that is registered and approved by the EPA to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that can build up and create a filthy surface.

How Does PURE Enhance Protection? 

A perfect disinfecting agent with 100% non-toxic formula for refilling day-to-day sanitizer spray bottles used in your household, on the road, and in the workplace. PURE is on the EPA’s List N for use against COVID-19, has a 30-second kill-claim for the human coronavirus, and is effective against MRSA and multiple drug-resistant bacteria. PURE gets rid of hundreds of germs in just 30 seconds inside and outside your home or facility building.

For a lasting supply of premium FDA-approved disinfectant, this is the perfect solution. Our non-toxic Hard Surface formula features chemical properties and even has kill-claims for certain bacteria for up to 24 hours.

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria that cause food-borne illnesses (see PURE EPA label for specific kill claims).
  • Hard Surface can be used as a fungicide and virucide to prevent the spread of illnesses.
  • Sanitize your work/business facility or home with food-safe disinfectant. Hard Surface is tough enough to kill the human Coronavirus but delicate enough to be used by anyone and around food. 100% eco-friendly.

Implementing these simple solutions can ensure your facility is protected around the clock. And your employees and customers will feel better about coming to your office or store. 

To learn more about SafeHandles Adhesive Tape – see more here.

And to see how PURE Hard Surface can help your facility – get more details here.

We are here to support and help you. You can always give us a call at 707-822-1234 

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