How to Keep Any Size Office Safe and Clean

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It should go without saying that a safe and clean office is more productive. It’s much happier and enjoyable for your team members AND your customers.

So, how do you keep your workspaces clean? How do you cut down on the clutter, ensure all of the surfaces (from door handles to countertops) are clean while cutting down on the potential impact of germs?


The most productive and thorough people are those who have a plan. As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Where do you begin?

Start with creating a schedule that clearly outlines the expectations of what it means to maintain a clean work environment. Everyone will know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

What days is the office vacuumed? How often is the breakroom disinfected? How many times are your bathrooms cleaned and checked for supplies each day?

One of the most obvious, but often overlooked surfaces for cleaning, are door handles. Think about how many times they are grabbed in a day and then think about the last time they were cleaned.

The things on the checklist don’t just happen so holding each other accountable, as a team, must be a priority.


You’ve probably seen the desk or office with papers, files, and reports stacked high. And when you ask someone, “how do you find anything?” the answer is typically, ‘I know where everything is…it’s organized chaos.’

While that approach may work for a short time, it’s not the long-term solution if you want to create a clean and productive environment.

Start by filing the papers and reports. For some businesses, this may be digitizing as much as they can and storing things on hard drives. For other businesses, it could merely mean developing a traditional file cabinet/file folder system where everything is filed alphabetically. Or things may be filed according to projects, customers, importance, or whatever makes the most sense for your business.

No matter which direction you choose, choose something to make your space more productive and cleaner.

Put Your Team and Customers First

From the backroom to the lobby or showroom a clean space shows you care for your team and your customers. When you make it a priority to dust, sanitize, and organize everyone notices and feels the difference.

Think about your own experiences of visiting an office, retail store, or even a gas station. How did their hygiene practices leave you feeling? Did you walk through the doors, take one look, and want to turn and run? Maybe their lack of cleanliness even made you concerned for your health.

Now, think about a place you entered where everything was organized. The carpets were clean, the tile floors had been mopped, and the door handles weren’t coated with sticky residue. How did that place make you feel? Most likely, it made you feel like the business cared about you and that they had your best interests in mind.

You may not have the resources to staff a cleaning crew 24/7, but you can take practical steps to ensure your office and workspaces are clean by following the three guidelines mentioned above.

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