The Power of PURE Hard Surface Sanitizer

PURE Hard Surface Sanitizer

As part of the SafeHandles™ facility sanitizing program, we offer the Pure Biosciences PURE® Hard Surface Disinfectant. PURE Hard Surface is different than any other chlorine, peroxide, or quaternary ammonia-based sanitizer because its technology is based on the patented silver ion technology which is a quicker kill.

PURE is on the EPA list (EPA Reg. No. 72977-5-73912) for sanitizing for the Human Coronavirus and it has a 30-second kill claim.

PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant does not require PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and never requires rinsing even on food contact surfaces.

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How does PURE Hard Surface Sanitizer keep your building safe?

PURE’s patented new molecule, Silver Dihydrogen Citrate (SDC), is one of the first new antimicrobials in decades. SDC is an electrolytically generated source of stabilized ionic silver that can serve as the basis for a wide range of products in diverse markets.

Colorless, odorless, tasteless, and non-caustic, the aqueous SDC formulates well with other compounds. Based on the EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products that ranges from Category I (high toxicity) down to Category IV, at use dilutions, SDC is rated in the lowest toxicity category, IV, while traditional disinfectants fall into Categories I and II.

Why is SDC so unique and powerful?


Traditional silver-based disinfectants have short shelf lives – from hours to days. SDC is a stabilized silver ion complex with a shelf life of several years. The unique bond between the silver ion in SDC allows the silver ion to remain in the solution while at the same time making it more bio-available for antimicrobial action.

Mode of Action

SDC kills microorganisms by two modes of action: 1) the silver ion deactivates structural and metabolic membrane proteins leading to microbial death; 2) the microbes view SDC as a food source, allowing the silver ion to enter the microbe.

Once inside the organism, the silver ion denatures the DNA, which halts the microbe’s ability to replicate and leads to its death. This dual-action makes SDC highly and quickly effective against a broad spectrum of microbes.
PURE is one of the only sanitizers that have residual bacteria kill claims.
When you spray PURE on a surface and it dries, it actually continues to
kill certain bacteria for up to 24 hrs. 6 Since we spread whatever is on
our hands onto surfaces we touch, PURE’s 24 hr. kill rate gives you the

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