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SafeHandles Self Cleaning Pen

Whether you are a teller, cashier, teacher, lawyer, pharmacist, doctor, manufacturer, sheriff, student, or mom, pens are essential to what you do.

And until now they’ve been a breeding ground for grime and filth that comes with being used by a multitude of dirty hands.

SafeHandles™ has been committed to offering antibacterial self-cleaning handle covers to help maintain clean surfaces for over 8 years. We’ve now taken that same technology and created an everyday tool that can keep itself clean.

SafeHandles™ Self-Cleaning Pen is a unique pen that is covered with the SafeHandles™ Heat Shrink Sleeve.

This special heat-shrink cover is embedded with slow-release silver that is registered and approved by the EPA to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria that may come in contact with it.

The pen features:

  • Retractable medium ballpoint
  • Pocket clip that attaches to clothing or a notepad
  • Contoured design with a rubber grip area provides a comfortable grasp and writing experience.

SafeHandles™ Self-Cleaning Pen is unlike any other as it features a special built-in antibacterial self-cleaning cover that provides a long-lasting efficient residual clean. While offering convenience, this pen maintains the highest standards of clean, in environments, where users have heightened levels of concern associated with sharing them. The pen’s self-cleaning cover works to continuously protect from certain bacteria 24/7, up to 6 months, using premium antibacterial cleaning technology.

Users who are serious about maintaining a clean environment and high-touch surfaces within their environment can now add the SafeHandles™ Self-Cleaning Pens to their list. They are available in single packs as well as a 24-pack. Worldwide shipping available.


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