Understanding The Power of SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape

SafeHandles Ster Roll Tape Clean Surface Antimicrobial Clean Facility

When you understand what sets SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape apart from other products that protect the surfaces in your facility you’ll see why it’s in high demand.

Slow Release Silver Technology

SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape is embedded with EPA-approved slow-release silver technology that maintains a clean surface for up to 6 months.  By applying this science to surfaces like push bars, ADA bars, stair rails, push plates, and appliance handles they are protected and made more durable. 

The tape has been engineered with adhesives that are designed to stay on in interior or exterior environments. The rugged design is able to withstand everyday use and provide protection 24/7.

Customized To Your Needs

SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape is fitted with a paper release liner, which makes it easy to test fits, cut, remove the release liner and apply to custom applications throughout your home or business. It’s available in clear and printed formats and is available in the following sizes:

2” x 5’, 2” x 20’, 2” x 75’, 3” x 5’, 3” x 20’, 3” x 75’, 4” x 5’, 4” x 20’, 4” x 75’

Handle Protection That’s Easy To Use

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to apply something that’s sticky. Fortunately for you, we have taken the pain of sticky tape away. Our Ster-Roll tape is easy to install, easy to remove and it leaves no residue behind. It’s also dry to the touch, and has no fumes or odor.

Your Hygiene Protocol

SafeHandles Ster-Roll tape is the perfect supplement to your existing hygiene protocol and cleaning plan. If you don’t currently have a solid protocol in place we can help you develop one like we’ve done for many organizations no matter their size.

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*Ster-Roll is a registered tradeemark of SafeHandles.  Ster-Roll is not a sterilant. 

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