Why a Wellness Plan Is Important

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Health and wellness programs along with strong hygiene protocols are often overlooked in the workplace.

But, did you know that United States employers lose over $225 billion a year ($616 million/day) due to employee illness? That not only impacts businesses, but it takes a toll on the employees themselves, their families, and the economy as a whole.

For decades company’s have focused on providing strong retirement plans, healthcare, and better paid time off benefits. In recent years, as healthcare costs have risen, implementing wellness programs to help employees get and stay healthy has been on the rise. 

In a recent study released by Wellsteps (www.wellsteps.com) they found several proven workplace wellness statistics that every employer should know and consider. 

Wellness Programs Improve Healthy Behaviors and Habits

By combing the proper education, skills, motivations, tools, and social support people change behavior and habits. This led to reduced health risks which led to fewer visits to the doctor and ultimately lowered health care costs.

Increased Health Risks Are Reduced With a Solid Wellness Program

In the report, Wellsteps shared that within as little as six weeks of a wellness program being implemented healthy behaviors were already being adopted. Everyone knows that things like high blood sugar, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure can be helped with a proper focus on diet and exercise. One of Wellsteps clients reported that within a year of implementing a wellness program that many of their employees who had elevated health risks had reached healthy risk levels.

Reducing Health Care Costs Through a Wellness Program

After a review of 100 different research papers from 22 different studies, which examined the ability of a wellness program to reduce healthcare costs, the findings were incredible. Out of the 22 studies that examined wellness programs and healthcare costs the average return on investment was $3.27 meaning that for every dollar spent on the program, the company saved $3.27 because of reduced healthcare costs.

Wellness Program Can Improve Productivity

People who make unhealthy lifestyle choices may result in much lower productivity. The lower productivity could be a result of being absent with an illness, or it could be they show up to work but are not fully engaged. Either way, what happens outside of the workplace has an impact on what happens inside the office. Helping employees stay healthy means they stay productive.

Hygiene Protocols and Wellness Programs Go Hand In Hand

When a company implements strong hygiene protocols that keep their facility and equipment clean along with a wellness program you have a great recipe for success. Not only are you providing a clean environment but you are also encouraging your team members to take their lifestyle seriously inside and outside of the office.

SafeHandles Can Help

Since the company started, we have been focused on helping organizations develop and implement their hygiene programs. Our team of experts can help you identify and prioritize the areas of your facility to focus on. And they can put together a long-term plan that keeps your business place clean 24/7 while keeping costs low.

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