Antimicrobial Company Helps New York and Florida Businesses Stay Open

SafeHandles™ has installed antimicrobial self-cleaning products around the globe, but recently launched two exclusive portals for states that need extra help as COVID-19 takes another hit.

When SafeHandles™ saw Florida and New York constantly in the headlines, it simply wanted to help. “Stay Clean Florida”, found at, and “New York Hero Act”, found at www.HeroAct.Store, both provide a one stop shop with revolutionary products to help businesses remain open.
It has cutting edge, patented and EPA approved products including antimicrobial adhesives that clean common touch points 24/7, self-cleaning pens, portable/reusable self-cleaning shopping cart handles, and an FDA approved  non-toxic chemical free spray proven to kill the Human Coronavirus.
Companies are installing products that self-clean their facilities, providing peace of mind to employees and customers and eliminating time to re-clean everything constantly.   SafeHandles™ is a new way to keep common touch points and surfaces clean 24/7. It’s changing the future of business.