Businesses are Discovering Silver as the New Gold; Applying Silver to Common Touch Points

Long before modern antibiotics were even created, silver was used as a remedy for various infections and illnesses. In recent years, silver has gained a renewed popularity, tapping into its therapeutic properties.

Little did businessman Steve Strombeck know silver would be the new gold when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. A stop at a public restroom almost nine years ago led to a moment that not only changed his life, but impacted people around the world. The man using the restroom before Steve left without washing his hands. Steve refused to touch the door handle and was stranded until someone walked in, allowing Steve to squeeze through the door to get out without touching the knob. There were no towels or paper products in the bathroom. Frustrated and disgusted, Steve used the moment to work with a team of engineers to create SafeHandles: a self-cleaning door sleeve…embedded with silver ions.
Health institutes know the benefits of silver ions. For example, Hippocrates Health Institute installed SafeHandles' self-cleaning silver ion sleeves on campus doors and common touch points. The products are non toxic, all natural, powered by silver ions and clean surfaces 24/7 without needing to be replaced for six months.
Common touch points are a breeding ground for germs. SafeHandles has expanded its line to include portable self-cleaning shopping cart handles, which are a great holiday gift, self-cleaning pens and self-cleaning elevator button covers. Get a “handle” on cleanliness with these innovative products that fight germs, bacteria and viruses, keeping surfaces clean.