Clean Handles Help Create Clean Facilities

Focus on High Touch Points

There’s no arguing that high touchpoints, like door handles, are the perfect place for germs and bacteria to flourish. Take a minute to think about which areas of your facility are touched the most by many different people. You will likely agree that door handles rank towards the top if not hold the number one spot. This is why making clean handles a priority is so important.

And as a business owner or a custodial manager one of your top priorities is providing a safe and clean environment for your team members. Of course you’re thinking about the obvious work place dangers, things like: wet floors and slipping, operating dangerous machines, electrical hazards, and more.

But keeping your facility clear of virus, and bacteria is just as important as the seen hazards.

How do you ensure that your highest touchpoint, your door handles, are clean handles?

To maintain clean handles you could continually disinfect door handles by:

  • Applying a disinfectant spray to the surface
  • Allowing it to sit for 2-3 minutes
  • Using a microfiber cloth to wipe down the handle


There may be cases and situations where this is perfectly fine. But, when you think about the time and cost involved in cleaning all of your door handles regularly the expenses rapidly increase.

Take your hygiene protocol to the next level

The solution is augmenting existing sanitizing programs by enabling your door handles to become self-cleaning.

This is exactly why SafeHandles scientists and engineers developed the SafeHandles Heat Shrink Sleeves and SafeHandles Ster-Roll tape.

The antibacterial films are not just coated, but they are embedded with a slow-release silver-based pesticide that is registered and approved by the EPA. This ensures that as the film is touched and used, the SafeHandles technology continues to work and doesn’t quickly disappear.

Our stringent testing shows that anitbacterial film embedded with silver protection maintains a clean heat shrunk cover for up to 6 months.

SafeHandles Heat shrink sleeve designs conform to the shape of the handle. They are dry to the touch, have no fumes or odor, and are perforated for quick removal. When you combine all of these things you create clean handles.

We are here to help you keep your office, gym, spa, and home clean 24/7. Email us here or give us a call at (707) 822-1234