Do Antibacterial Door Handles Work?

What do you know about self-cleaning handles? Do antibacterial door handles work?

We have all become familiar with things like self-cleaning ovens. Some of us with feline friends have even ventured into the world of self-cleaning litter boxes. And for those who have become tired of smudged windows, there’s even self-cleaning glass.

But think about one of the surfaces used by almost everyone, every day and everywhere – door handles. From offices and schools to retail stores and hotels, door handles are touched tens of thousands of times within a matter of months.

To keep these highly touched surfaces clean 24/7 you can do one of two things; you could hire extra staff that is constantly spraying and wiping them down or you could install a product like SafeHandlesTM Ster-Roll TapeTM* that works continuously.

So, what makes SafeHandles Ster-Roll Tape TM* the number one choice for protecting the door handles in your facility?

SafeHandles TM* Ster-Roll TapeTM* is embedded with an EPA-approved slow-release silver technology that maintains a clean handle (surface) for up to 6 months. SafeHandles Ster-RollTape can be used in various locations, including push bars, ADA bars, stair rails, push plates, and appliance handles. And it can be cut to fit most heavily touched surfaces.

  • They use engineered adhesives designed to perform in interior and exterior environments
  • Able to withstand everyday use
  • Easy installation
  • Easy to remove without any residue
  • Dry to the touch, no fumes, no odor
  • Fits on standard packing tape dispensers
  • Supplements existing hygiene procedures to ensure cleaner handles
  • Performance not affected by common disinfectants and sanitizers

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