Does Your Office Clean Itself?

SafeHandles™, the company behind the world’s first self-cleaning door handle sleeve, has expanded into six countries, helping facilities self-clean all over the globe.

Companies are quickly learning that productivity increases and sick days decrease when employees know that they’re entering a “next-level” clean workplace.
Imagine the following items killing germs instantly and continuously for 24/7 no matter how many people touch each:
  • Coffee and Cappuccino Machine Levers
  • Kettles & Toasters
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge Handles/Doors
  • Microwave and/or Oven
  • Water Cooler or Bubbler
  • Office Printers or Photocopiers
  • Computers, Accessories, and Screens
  • Teleconferencing or Zoom Facilities
  • Monitor Screens and Buttons
  • Keyboards & Mouses
  • Laptop Trackpad or Touchpads
  • Desktop Surface
  • Reception Desk Surface
  • Cabinet and Storage Handles
  • Chairs and Chair Arms
  • Desk Dividers
  • Handrails & Stair Rails
  • Hand-driers
  • Soap & Hand Sanitizer Pumps
  • Sink Taps in Bathrooms or Kitchen
  • iPads or Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Chairs in Kitchen or Meeting Rooms
  • Mobile Phones
All items are EPA-approved, chemical free, and last up to six months with no upkeep. From self-clean pens to antimicrobial tape that goes over common touch-points, offices are officially cleaning themselves, thanks to SafeHandles™.
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