Door Handles Are Your First Impression

It’s true, door handles could be the first impression your customers receive. You’ve heard it over and over again that you only get one chance to make a first impression. And for any business the front door, specifically, the front door handles will be the first impression people see and feel before they enter your office, gym, restaurant, or school.

The first impressions you give a customer, client, and employee sets the tone for your future business relationship or the work environment you’re providing to team members. It either shows that you are professional and prepared or lack care and attention to detail which speaks volumes of how your business engages with others.

Try this simple exercise and see how you would grade the front door handles of your business.

  1. Drive into your parking lot, acting as a customer, not an employee. And make sure you are entering your front door, not another entrance.
  2. As you exit your car, pause and look around the parking lot. What do you see? How does it make you feel? Is there litter blowing around? Does it feel like someone is caring for it? 
  3. Walk slowly to the front of your building. Again, what do you see, and how does it make you feel? Are the windows clean and sparkling? Is the sidewalk swept and free from litter and noticeable dirt? Is the grass mowed and hedges trimmed? 
  4. As you approach the front door is the window free of smudges? 
  5. The ‘final first impression’ happens when you grab the door handle. How does it look and feel?


Well, what did you experience? 

More importantly, what do you think the visitors to your office, business, school or facility experienced? 

The first interaction a customer or potential customer has with your business happens the minute they pull into the parking lot to the point they pull the door handles. Opinions have already been formed based on what they saw and felt about your facility.

First impressions are created quickly and once they are made they’re hard to change. 

We can’t help with cleaning up your parking lot, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the windows. But we will definitely help you create a lasting and impressive first impression with your front door handles.   

Don’t risk a bad first impression with a door handles that doesn’t shout clean and germ-free. Instill confidence in everyone that enters your building with self-cleaning door handles.

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