Fall in Love with Not Cleaning this Fall

Let’s get right to the point. SafeHandles has products that self-clean so you don’t have to. Imagine taking your children trick or treating and coming home to no germs on your door. No longer dread the idea of sanitizing your house after having family over for thanksgiving.

SafeHandles products are EPA-approved, work 24/7, lasts up to six months with no upkeep, chemical-free and recyclable. What’s not to like?
Items we recommend for the household:
  1. PURE Hard Surface - an odorless, FDA-approved and non-toxic mist that eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, including the Human Coronavirus. Mist this before and after you have company over. Link >
  2. Self-Cleaning Pens - We all love our family and friends, but let’s be honest. We don’t know where they’ve been or how often they wash their hands. Don’t risk it by sharing pens. This revolutionary invention kills germs instantly no matter who touches it, and it writes so luxurious. Make your thanksgiving shopping list or play those annual board games without exchanging germs on something as simple as a pen. Link >
  3. Self-Cleaning Adhesives - When was the last time you cleaned your door knob? It’s ok, the honest truth is a lot more common than you think. With many sizes to fit whatever door handle, knob, appliance, or common touch point area that you have in your home, germs are eliminated instantly and continuously at the touch for six months with SafeHandles installed.
The company was founded 9 years ago to offer a solution to a problem; kill germs 24/7 for up to six months in high touch point areas that most likely are not being cleaned as much as they should. It’s actually more affordable to install these than to continue buying cleaning supplies for those special places in the home.
You’ll be surprised at just how affordable it is. Visit www.SafeHandles.com to start shopping.