From Touch Downs to Touch Points, SafeHandles Helps Keep High Traffic Areas Clean in Sports Arenas and Stadiums

Sports stadiums and arenas are breeding grounds for germs, especially with the rise in COVID-19 cases. There are new techniques to ensure the safety of both athletes and fans, from mini leagues all the way up to the NFL.

Imagine it's game day and families are headed to watch their favorite teams, but rest assured, everyone has their masks on and are vaccinated. These are great precautions, but they don't protect from the unseen dangers on high common touch points such as stair rails, concession areas, elevator buttons, seats, ticket boxes, and so much more. 
SafeHandles has an EPA approved, self-cleaning adhesive for handles, levers, knobs, and a heat shrinking system that can apply this technology to custom facility areas. The silver ion, antimicrobial properties in the adhesive tape cleans 24/7 no matter how many people touch that surface.


Other products great to install in stadiums and arenas this season include self-cleaning pens, which kill germs instantly at the touch, as well as PURE Hard Surface spray that eliminates 99.99% bacteria, fungi, ans viruses, including the Human Coronavirus. SafeHandles also has world-class sprayers that can cover more than 23,000 sq. ft. on one tank. As you cheer for touch downs, be mindful of the touch points in high volume areas such as stadiums and arenas.