How Businesses are Slowing the Curve

August 9, 2021 - Eureka, CA - As businesses prepare to reopen, cleanliness is critical. While the mask debate continues, one thing is certain: we all want to provide optimum cleanliness to our employees and customers. It is hard enough for most employers to find full time help, how can they stay on top of wiping down common touch points?

Companies worldwide are turning to SafeHandles™, the leaders in self-cleaning products for peace of mind. SafeHandles™ manufactures self-cleaning antimicrobial sleeves that easily fit over door handles, faucet handles and toilet handles and clean 24/7 without needing replacement for 6 months. The EPA approved technology is all natural and chemical free.
SafeHandles™ uses the same innovative technology in other cutting edge products including their self-cleaning pens, shopping cart handles and tape.
The self-cleaning tape looks and applies like packing tape but packs a powerful punch. Common touch points such as lockers in gyms, microwave handles and coffee machine levers in break rooms, stairs and railings can easily keep a clean surface simply by applying SafeHandles™ self-cleaning antimicrobial tape.