Inspired By A Disgusting Bathroom

When Inspiration Hits

Some of the greatest ideas and inventions are thought of in the most unlikely places. For SafeHandles it all began during a road trip that Steve Strombeck (SafeHandles Founder) was on. 

What Steve thought was going to be a quick stop at a gas station to use the restroom led to much more. As Steve entered the restroom, he immediately knew all was not right. And as a man emerged from the stall Steve’s fears were confirmed. It was not a pretty sight and to make things worse there was no toilet paper, then the man proceeded to leave the restroom without washing his hands. 

Steve watched in amazement. He searched for paper towels to use to open the door and leave but there weren’t any. Steve couldn’t stand the thought of touching the door handle after what he had just seen. He waited 10-15 minutes and finally, someone came into the restroom which allowed him to squeeze through the opening without touching the door handle.

Take Action

And it was at that moment the idea for SafeHandles was born. The next day Steve got to work.

Watch the video to hear the rest of the story, see where SafeHandles is headed, and most importantly learn how SafeHandles is helping thousands of offices, gyms, schools, hotels, and businesses stay clean 24/7.

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