Revolutionary Self-Cleaning Invention Made in America

June 29, 2021 - UNITED STATES - As we celebrate America this week, it Is a great reminder to also celebrate American companies and “made in America” products. SafeHandles™, a leading innovator and manufacturer of self-cleaning products is proudly founded and headquartered in the United States. The company has been helping businesses and consumers maintain ultimate cleanliness with “made in America” products since 2013.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Steve Strombeck, SafeHandles™ has helped restaurants, law enforcement agencies, government facilities, hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airports, and businesses across the nation stay clean and protected from germs.

Some of the SafeHandles™ technology includes clear adhesive sleeves that kill bacteria on door handles, anti- microbial covers that fit over elevator buttons, self-cleaning pens, and PURE® Hard Surface, a chemical free disinfectant that kills the Human Coronavirus and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria through a mist.

“We’re not only proud to manufacture in the USA, but also to help Americans maintain chemical-free cleanliness with our products,” stated Founder and CEO Steve Strombeck.

With several patents and inventions, Strombeck built his eight-year-old company with the goal of creating self-cleaning facilities and developing revolutionary cleaning products. He also founded two additional American companies:
Strombeck Properties and Strombeck Construction.

This entrepreneur has reinvented the way cleanliness is maintained in America.
The SafeHandles™ Starter Kit contains an important representation of products to keep offices and facilities clean.