SafeHandles™ Introduces 2 New Reusable Antibacterial Clip-N-Grip Portable Handles For Shopping Carts & Baskets, Mass Transit Handrails & Other Public-Use Handles

SafeHandles™, the leader in portable, passive self-cleaning technology, has launched two new Clip-N-Grip portable, reusable handles that are designed to be used on shopping carts and baskets, mass transit handrails, and other shared public-use handles.

The Technology Behind the Clip-N-Grip

Available now, the Clip-N-Grip handles harness the power of an EPA approved slow-release silver antibacterial film that maintains a clean surface 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months. This passive, non-invasive, replaceable, recyclable, and affordable technology maintains cleanliness and durability in the fight against harmful germs on common-touch surfaces. The Clip-N-Grip products are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States and are patent pending.

The 17.5-inch Clip-N-Grip Shopping Cart Cover ($19.95) quickly snaps on and off shopping carts while its foam core enhances comfort and control of the cart. The Clip-N-Grip Mini ($9.95) 6-inch size offers an easy, on-the-go solution that fits the hand perfectly, is easy to store inside a bag or purse, and quickly snaps onto mass transit railings, shopping baskets or other public-use handles.

How Does Clip-N-Grip Help?

“Multiple studies have shown that shopping cart and mass transit handles are contaminated with pathogens including E. coli, salmonella, Staphylococcus and Campylobacter. In its most recent Covid-19 Running Essential Errands guidelines, the CDC recommends disinfecting shopping carts before using, and washing your hands ‘as soon as you can’ after using carts or mass transit handles,” said SafeHandles product manager John Bergenske. “Our new Clip-N-Grip handles are simple to use, and you will have the peace-of-mind that the surfaces you are touching are continuously self-cleaning, 24/7.”

The Trusted Name Behind The Clip-N-Grip

SafeHandles was founded in 2012 after an entrepreneur named Steven Strombeck became stranded in a public bathroom for a short time after the previous user didn’t wash his hands, and the door handle was contaminated. While waiting for another customer to open the door, Strombeck had an idea to create a self-cleaning antibacterial surface that would work continuously to maintain a clean surface. Over the next 8 years, Strombeck and his extraordinary team of engineers created SafeHandles™ by harnessing the power of an EPA approved slow-release silver ion technology embedded in a plastic film that can be applied to protect common-touch surfaces. This passive, non-invasive, replaceable, recyclable, and affordable technology maintains cleanliness and durability, enabling a surface to continually clean itself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 6 months.

How SafeHandles Is Helping Businesses & Communities

Since its founding, SafeHandles has introduced a number of products that are currently in use around the country, including their patented heat-shrink door handle and bathroom fixture covers, elevator button covers, a self-cleaning clean pen, and their trademarked Ster-Roll adhesive film. From coast to coast, more than 1.5 million products are currently installed – in NYC office buildings, YMCAs, gyms, businesses of all types and sizes, and public and government facilities stretched across the country, from California to Richmond, Virginia. In Atlanta, the iconic Blackhall Studios – where Hollywood blockbuster productions including “Godzilla: King of Monsters,” “Venom” and “Jumanji: The Next Level” were filmed – are using the products to safely return to production.

Get Your SafeHandles Clip-N-Grip

As more people get out and shopping increases in grocery stores, malls, pharmacies these protective handle grips will sell out quickly. Don’t miss your opportunity to get yours.

Secure your SafeHandles Clip-N-Grip shopping cart handles and SafeHandles Clip-N-Grip mini handles by doing the following:

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