SafeHandles™ Launches “Stay Clean Florida” to Help Floridians Combat New Variant

August 5, 2021 - Miami, Florida - SafeHandles™, a leading manufacturer of self-cleaning technologies, launched efforts focused to help Florida as the state recently hit an all time high for COVID-19 cases. "Stay Clean Florida" has four life-changing products that will benefit Floridians tremendously.

The answer to this crisis could be as simple as tape. SafeHandles™ has a clear, antimicrobial adhesive that fits onto anything and kills germs 24/7 continuously for up to six months. Whether it’s a home, office, restaurant, public restroom, or anything you can think of, this EPA-registered technology could make prominent change.

As reported on many news outlets, families are exchanging the virus to each other, as well as coworkers. The solution to this could be a simple mist. SafeHandles™ “PURE Hard Surface” is a non-toxic, chemical-free mist that kills 99.99% of bacteria within 10 seconds, including the Human Coronavirus.

Recently featured on USA Today as a top product to use in 2021, SafeHandles™ will continue to develop and promote products that keep the public healthy, clean and safe.

“Our team at SafeHandles continues to stay ahead of the curve and keep the public safe through EPA-registered, self-cleaning products,” said Founder Steven Strombeck.