Scariest Costume This Month: The Germs on Everyday Items

This October, we dare you to test the germs on everyday items such as a door knob, a faucet, or the inside of your car. The germs on a steering wheel are nine times dirtier than public toilet seats, according to a study led by scientists at Queen Mary University. WebMD has also reported that a shopping cart handle as one of the dirtiest things you can touch and referred to a door handle as "really really bad".

Eliminate the threat of germs in these common touch point areas with the innovative products by SafeHandles. From EPA-approved antimicrobial tape that keeps touch points clean 24/7 to self-cleaning portable shopping cart handles and pens that clean themselves, it's time to step it up to ensure your surroundings remain clean.
Another popular SafeHandles item is PURE Hard Surface, a non-toxic and chemical-free spray that kills 99.99% bacteria, fungi and viruses, including the Human Coronavirus. To put this into perspective, enjoy three before and after videos testing the amount of germs on everyday items.
Warning: the "before" parts are scarier than any Halloween movie: