Schools Find the Answer to Reopening Safely this Fall

From self-cleaning pens to anti microbial tape that protects lockers from bacteria, to a chemical free mist that kills the “Human Coronavirus”, schools across America have found the answer to reopening safely this fall.
SafeHandles™ protects common touch points in facilities such as public and private  k-12 schools, and colleges and universities large and small to ensure cleanliness is the top priority. Their self-cleaning EPA-approved  antimicrobial tape protects  doors, restrooms, lockers, desks, sports facilities, cafeteria areas, libraries, computer labs, and so much more from harmful germs and bacteria 24/7 without needing to be replace the tape for 6 months.
"The exciting part of SafeHandles is that it has now been proven effective on the Coronavirus and with its track record will more than likely be as effective on the next virus to come through our schools."

- Gregg Haulk, Retired Superintendent

PURE Hard Surface spray is another must-have in classrooms. FDA and EPA approved, it is highly effective and completely safe around kids. The immediate results speak for themselves. Any item people touch, from a ball point pen to a basketball can transmit germs and viruses.


“It takes 30 seconds to mist the room in between classes with this all natural spray and it ensures that 99.99% bacteria, viruses, and fungi are eliminated.”

 - Steve Strombeck, Founder of SafeHandles

This year, there’s a new back to school essential, and it’s SafeHandles™.