Spread Joy, Not Germs: SafeHandles Celebration Gift Box

For any occasion, give the gift that will keep giving and cleaning 24/7.  SafeHandles™, a leading antimicrobial self-cleaning product manufacturer, has a gift bundle that's perfect for holidays, birthdays, special occasion gifts, and so much more. 

Annual Clean Pack Image - replace holiday pack.jpg
Included in the gift bundle:
  • PURE Hard Surface: 32oz bottle of EPA approved, covid-killing disinfectant
  • CLIP-N-GRIP: Portable and reusable shopping cart handle that self cleans and clips onto carts when you shop
  • Self-Cleaning Pens: 10 pens that kill germs instantly no matter how many people touch them
SafeHandles™ is on the cutting edge of the latest advances in cleanliness, using EPA approved technology that cleans 24/7.  The bundle is available for $49.99, originally valued at $80.
Visit SafeHandles.com to learn more or order the gift box directly by clicking here >