Tackling 5 Big Germ Hot Spots

When it comes to germs you can’t let your guard down, and there are 5 big germ hot spots everyone needs to be aware of. Because, whether you are at home, the office, a hotel, or shopping at the grocery store, being vigilant in the fight against germs is a continual battle.

Keep Your Guard Up Around These Big 5 Germ Hot Spots

  1. Smartphones: Yes, the ever-present, always-within-reach, can’t-do-without smartphone keeps us in touch with the world, but there’s a germy world that lives on its surface. To help prevent germs from spreading always wash your hand. And for added measure regularly clean your smartphone with a disinfectant like PURE Hard Surface Cleaner.
  2. Dish Sponge: While these handy cleaning devices are convenient and cut down on using paper towels, they can harbor some pretty nasty things.  USA Today reported on a 2017 study that found sinks and sponges are huge carriers of fecal bacteria in 44% of homes. In the study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Food Protection, 15% of homes tested positive for E. coli – mainly in kitchens. And in a small study of 14 used sponges by researchers in Germany uncovered more than 360 types of bacteria, with potentially pathogenic germs among those most commonly found. Experts suggest discarding used sponges once a week.
  3. Remote Controls: From your living room to hotel rooms all the way to the conference rooms in your office, you’ll find the beloved remote control. And while they provide convenience they also hold on to and transmit plenty of germs. Not only should you wash your hands after using them, but you should disinfect them before and after each use with a virus-killing disinfectant. As with any electronic equipment, never spray the disinfectant directly onto the device. Instead, spray a cloth and then wipe down the device.
  4. Computer Keyboards: A post on Westerncity.com featured findings from a study conducted by microbiologist Charles Gerba, Ph.D., at the University of Arizona. The study found that phones, desktop surfaces, keyboards, computer mice, fax machines, copy machines, and toilet seats all harbor germs that can make people sick. A total of 113 surfaces were tested and analyzed including computer keyboards which showed on average 3,295 germs per square inch. 
  5. Door Handles: It should be obvious, but we use door handles so much that it’s easy to forget just how many germs can be transferred by simply turning a knob or pushing a door handle. Penn State University conducted a study and found that a swab from a local cafe door contained fourteen different colonies of bacteria living on the knob. One of the most effective ways to prevent bacteria from living and building up on door handles and railings is to cover them with SafeHandles Heat Shrink Sleeves. These ensure your door handles stay clan 24/7 for up to 6 months.


Stay aware and be vigilant when it comes to these 5 big germ hot spots.

Wash your hands, keep hard surfaces clean, and protect your door handles and railings with heat shrink sleeves.

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