The 2021 Back to School Essential

In today’s uncertain climate, everything is different…including back to school supplies. The must-have essential on everyone’s list this year is not a backpack, a laptop or a sharpie. It comes from a leader in cleaning solutions. SafeHandles, an industry innovator, is responsible for one of this year’s most in demand items: The self- cleaning pen. Rejoice in knowing we can discard the “clean pen” “dirty pen” cup because with these ingenious items every pen is clean. Using an EPA approved technology, each pen handle has protective silver ions working 24/7 maintaining a clean surface for 6 months. With black ink and a contoured rubber grip, the pens write as well as they clean.

“Providing a new level of clean is what SafeHandles is all about. We are committed to helping people safely return to normal,” said Steve Strombeck, SafeHandles Founder.

SafeHandles' clean pens are a necessity for students and teachers, but just as critical for offices and businesses. Imagine the peace of mind customers and employees will have knowing they can protect one of the most common touch points, a pen. At stores, restaurants, banks, and doctors offices, we constantly sign papers and receipts, fill out forms and sign in to register. Think about how many people touch the same pen over the course of a day and week. Now think of everything else those people have touched. Thank you SafeHandles!