What are SafeHandles™?
SafeHandles™ are custom-fit Heat Shrink Sleeves and Adhesive Covers that are embedded with an EPA approved slow-release silver technology that maintains a clean handle or surface for up to 6 months.
What surfaces do SafeHandles™ cover?
SafeHandles™ as designed to fit most common touchpoints such as door handles, appliance fixtures, push plates, stair railings, and elevator buttons.
What level of protection does SafeHandles™ offer?
Once in place, SafeHandles™ silver-ion technology goes to work 24/7 to keep your surface or handle clean for up to 6 months.
How long do SafeHandles™ last?
The typical useable life of a SafeHandles™ cover is 6 months. In high use areas, such as entry doors or elevator buttons, this may be shorter.
How do I know SafeHandles™ are working or when replacement is needed?
SafeHandles™ Life Span Management System™ tell how much useable life remains. Simply locate and scan the QR codes found under your sealed SafeHandles™ product.
What is the SafeHandles™ Life Management System?
SafeHandles™ patent-pending Life Management System takes the guesswork out of knowing if your SafeHandles™ covers are doing their job. Simply locate the QR code located under your sealed SafeHandles™ product and scan it to find out if any useable life remains. This functional web application also provides product and technical information and simplifies the re-ordering process.
Will cleaning products affect SafeHandles™?
For optimal performance SafeHandles™ should be wiped down weekly with a cleaner. Bleach, ammonia, or peroxide-based products are ideal and will not affect SafeHandles™ performance or useable life.
How is installation and maintenance handled?
Depending on your service plan, SafeHandles™ may be installed or maintained by SafeHandles™ staff, your janitor, or your staff. If your staff is installing and maintaining SafeHandles™, training, instructions, and phone customer support is provided. Otherwise, if maintenance is needed contact SafeHandles™ or your janitor to request maintenance.
Can SafeHandles™ be recycled?
Yes, SafeHandles™ Heat Shrink Sleeves and Adhesive products recycling symbols are:
Do SafeHandles™ cause allergic reactions?
No. SafeHandles™ have been clinically tested and no signs or symptoms of allergic reaction have been identified.
Are SafeHandles™ products safe?
Yes, SafeHandles™ active ingredients are EPA approved, non-toxic, odorless, and dry to the touch. For more information contact your SafeHandles™ representative.
Where can I learn more about the care, specifications, terms, and conditions of SafeHandles™?
As part of the SafeHandles™ service plan, your business has been provided with instruction manuals as well as product terms and conditions. Please direct inquires to your supervisor or purchasing representative as appropriate. Additionally, informative videos are available at www.safehandles.com