No germs. No bacteria. No worries.

Are you worried about germs on your door handles and touchpoints? You can breathe a sigh of relief. SafeHandles self-cleaning doorhandle sleeves and adhesives have got you covered. Each sleeve and cover is embedded with an EPA registered antimicrobial that does the work for you, continuously cleaning, taking out germs and bacteria touch after touch, all day every day, for up to 6 months.

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SafeHandles was an easy choice to demonstrate to both our members and employees that we take the cleanliness of our facilities seriously.

Doug Hartley

HealthSPORT - Arcata, California

SafeHandles is a critical component to a larger wellness program. It plays a critical part specific to maintaining cleanliness of common touchpoints at South Bay.

Gary Storts

Superintendant - South Bay Union School District

This product should be used everywhere there are damaging bacteria or where people are confined and in close contact. SafeHandles is a win all around

William Honsal

Sheriff - County of Humboldt, California

Create a Self-Cleaning Facility

Constant Protection

Constant Protection

When you apply protective SafeHandles films to any door handle, you get the peace of mind that bacteria are already being killed.

Our SterRoll, ADA die cut and heat shrink film transform door handles, push plates and hand railings from a breeding ground for grimy and damaging bacteria into a true SafeHandle.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up to 6 months you have the confidence filthy hands aren’t leaving behind germs.

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60 Second Kill Time

60 Second Kill Time

Pure Bioscience’s Pure Hard Surface disinfectant has been added to the EPA’s COVID-19 Disinfectant List-N. This broad-spectrum antimicrobial spray has a 30-second complete inactivation claim of Human Coronavirus.

This no rinse disinfectant and food contact surface sanitizer is safe to use in your kitchen, bathroom, vehicle, phone, and just about anywhere. Plus it’s safe around kids and pets.

The hybrid formula is non-caustic, non-toxic, non-irritating and is safe for anyone in any environment. If used as directed hard surfaces, Pure provides 24 hour protection against common bacteria.

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Long Lasting and Durable

SafeHandles incorporates an EPA-registered active agent that inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. With custom-fit heat shrink sleeves and adhesive tapes, the door handles in your high-traffic areas are kept clean, protected, and become more durable.

The silver technology in SafeHandles film works continuously to protect your door handles and surfaces from damaging bacteria and fungi to ensure they are clean and able to withstand everyday use.

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Protection Everywhere

Protection Everywhere

To ensure clean environments schools and daycare centers are covering their handles and protecting their hard surfaces with SafeHandles.

The travel and hospital industry is providing confidence and peace of mind to its customers by letting them know SafeHandles technology is working 24/7.

Businesses are supporting state cleanliness initiatives with SafeHandles products.

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