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Your clients get a germ-free environment

Your clients get a germ-free environment

 Antimicrobial solutions for vehicle fleets

Safehandles for schools

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Reduce exposure to illness-causing microbes


Sanitation solutions for the hospitality industry

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Passive antimicrobial solutions to protect guests

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Keep productivity high and employees safe

Safehandles for churches


Maintain clean surfaces for gatherings


Keep facility and employees safe from germs

Our Markets


Whether you offer residential or commercial cleaning services, we know you take the health and well-being of your clients (and their staff, patrons or family members) seriously when fulfilling your duties. While traditional cleaning protocols offer effective means of ridding dirt that is visible to the naked eye and sanitizing services are effective as well, as soon as you and your team depart, facilities are quickly re-contaminated by the very users your services seek to safeguard.


Whether you are developing a commercial building, school, hospital, home or office, it is important to use foresight to help create a safe and healthy space and help keep germs from spreading. Our SafeHandles™ product line uses passive antimicrobial technology to reduce exposure to germs from stairway handrails, door knobs, taps/faucets, flush handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator handles, cupboard handles, drawer handles and just about any type of handle!

Law Enforcement

Every day, Police Officers, Sheriffs, and Correctional Officers come in contact with high-risk populations such as drug-abusers, the homeless, etc, which affects their sanitary conditions that expose law enforcement officers (LEO) to biohazards. During the past 2 years of working with law enforcement agencies, SafeHandles™ has received positive results and feedback that other law enforcement agencies should seriously consider ensuring the health and well-being of their staff.
Read the results from Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department

Safehandles for schools


SafeHandles has worked closely with educational administrators from our humble beginnings to understand how critical healthy students and teachers are to the productivity of our classrooms. This involvement has helped us learn how to service this segment of our community that is vitally important to our future. Reduce your student’s and teacher’s exposure to bacterial and viral threats and increase attendance with our SafeHandles suite of antimicrobial products.
Read the results from South Bay Union School District



Within the health care industry SafeHandles is ideally suited for nursing homes, assisted living, long-term care, and other types of residential care facilities designed for seniors. Because these facility’s residents are often immune compromised, the presence of bacteria, viruses and fungus can easy infect and spread between them. Additionally, infections can often lead to life threatening events to those who are immune compromised. Safehandles focus on common touch-points helps to reduce exposure of immune compromised facility residents to these illness causing microbes.


Resorts & Hotels

Health and well-being is an accelerating trend within the hospitality sector as businesses move to further differentiate their offers from the competition. The problems within the cruise line industry underscore that illness can indeed spread through accommodation facilities and the impact such outbreaks can have on brand and business demand. Closely tied to the health and well-being trend are the “high tech – high touch” and international traveler trends, both of which have implications that have industry leaders looking at the sanitation solutions like SafeHandles as a way to address the concerns of this increasing customer demographic. Click to see our sanitation solutions for the hospitality industry.

cruise ship

Cruise Ships

The cruise line industry continues to struggle with unwanted media attention associated with norovirus outbreaks on vessels. These occurrences are all too frequent and are having significant impacts on bookings and the cruise line industry in general. The problems within the cruise line industry underscore what can happen when a virus like the norovirus, which can survive on surfaces for 4-6 weeks, isn’t managed with active cleaning protocols and passive antimicrobial barriers. Thus industry leaders are looking at passive antimicrobial solutions like SafeHandles to proactively protect their guests and manage their identity. Click to see our sanitation solutions for the hospitality industry.


Countless studies have been conducted to measure the productivity loss in the workplace due to employee illness, and the business losses resulting from illness are no surprise. What is surprising to many employers is the additional lost productivity related to staff suffering from illness and attempting to work anyway, and how these situations amplify the duration and severity that cold and flu season related outbreaks have on business. Find out how to keep productivity high and employees safe.

Safehandles for churches


Germs are commonly spread from human to human, sometimes without direct contact. They can linger on surfaces and then be picked up from the hands, which then touches the nose, mouth, eyes, food, or other people. Church gatherings are highly attended and more and more, the health and safety of attendees within the church environment have become a great concern. In a typically well-populated service, many frequently touched surfaces are dangerously exposed to germs. Susceptible surfaces include doorknobs, push bars, and stair rails as well as “high-tech high-touch” devices. Maintain clean surfaces and ease the minds of your officials, congregants, and visitors with our SafeHandles self-cleaning tapes and sleeves.


In the manufacturing industry, where the production process is very hands-on and where work booths typically have a lot of foot traffic, it is highly important to maintain clean touchpoints, surfaces, etc. To maintain clean surfaces within the workspace, as well as the final products, use SafeHandles self-cleaning tapes and sleeves. They are designed to fit standard door handles, knobs, etc. and can be used to cover all frequently used machine handles and more. Reduce the likelihood of the spread of illnesses, which can terribly affect workflow and production rate. Safeguarding your staff, partners, and clients with our self-cleaning adhesives.