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The SafeHandles™ Story

Necessity is the mother of invention. Ten years ago when Steve Strombeck stopped to use a public restroom, little did he know not only would his life change, but he would change the lives of people around the world. Horrified to see the man before him use the restroom and leave without washing, and even more horrified there were no paper products in the restroom, Steve refused to touch the dirty door handle. He waited until someone came in, allowing Steve to narrowly squeeze through the door opening , escaping without touching the knob.

That experience propelled Steve, a successful businessman, to turn the cleaning world on its head. He developed the world’s first self-cleaning door handle cover.

Since then, Steve Strombeck and his extraordinary team of engineers have been reinventing clean with cutting edge products. With product manager John Bergenske leading the charge, they harnessed the power of an EPA approved antimicrobial technology embedded in a heat shrink sleeve. This self-cleaning cover allows a door handle to continually clean itself for up to 6 months! This germ-killing technology provides a clean surface and peace of mind.

Steve and his SafeHandles™ team didn’t rest on their laurels. They continue to introduce breakthroughs in technology as they manufacture the latest advances in cleanliness.

The safeHandles team developed self-cleaning elevator button covers, self-cleaning shopping cart handle covers, push plate covers, and a self-cleaning pen. Each SafeHandles™ product is embedded with this revolutionary , chemical free, EPA approved technology that cleans itself. SafeHandles™ keeps common everyday touchpoints from toilet levers to ADA push plates germ free. SafeHandles™ is creating self-cleaning facilities – schools, offices, stores, and of course, gas station bathrooms – all over the world!

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