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“ … health and wellness of my staff and my community is always on my mind.”

“SafeHandles is a win all around.”

“ … not one single case of MRSA has been reported since we began using SafeHandles.”

SafeHandles™ are designed to cover most common touch points, such as door handles, push plates, and hand railings.

SafeHandles™ is a critical component to a larger wellness program. It’s not going to cure illness or disease. It can prevent it and it plays a critical part in our comprehensive wellness package at South Bay. The pre and post number speak for themselves, without hesitation, I would recommend people sit down and engage in a conversation with SafeHandles™ to see if it’s the right fit.

– Gary Storts, Superintendent,
South Bay Union SchoolDistrict

When we think and act to make our ‘Healthy. Fit. You.’ mission real for our members, SafeHandles was an easy choice to demonstrate to both our members and our employees that we take their health and well-being seriously.
— Doug Hartley, HealthSPORT Arcata, Manager

What You Get with SafeHandles™ Clean Touch Point Service:

  • Site assessment and infection control plan review
  • Handles and surfaces covered with SafeHandles™ self-cleaning tape
  • Monthly servicing of SafeHandles™ installation
  • Promotional display materials so your customers and staff know the handles are clean

2x & 4x a month receive 25% discount

Up to 10,000 sq feet
  • $140/1x Month
  • $210/2x Month
  • $420/4x Month
Up to 15,000 sq feet
  • $180/1x Month
  • $270/2x Month
  • $540/4x Month
Up to 25,000 sq feet
  • $250/1x Month
  • $400/2x Month
  • $800/4x Month

Service Area – Will Creek to Orick to Scotia

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